Rustic Log Cabin Wax Melt

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Fragrance notes: Spicy cinnamon, oak logs, tart apple

The story
They found it hidden deep in the forest. The old, rough hewn logs were dark with age and covered in moss. Inside they could see where the hearth had once been. The stone chimney rose above them although the roof was long gone. They each thought they smelled a hint of spiced apple and citrus peel, which combined and blended deliciously with the scent of the old oak logs. Leaving the cabin to its silent repose in the forest, they headed back, vowing to leave the cabin as it was, holding its secrets safely inside its walls. 

Each Folky Art wax melt bar is 2.5 oz and divides into six long lasting cubes. Our melts are hand poured using our signature coconut soy wax and the finest essential and perfume grade fragrance oils available. These wickless melts are appropriate for any commercial wax melt burner.  

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